“Your Life’s Score”

In Uncategorized on January 21, 2011 at 1:29 pm

Gotcha!  I’m not talking about a score as in, a rating of sorts, but rather a musical score.  You know, like a film score.  It’s the background music for a movie, which serves as a cue or prompt.

Music is so instrumental (excuse the pun) in creating a mood, or feeling.  It always has been for me anyway.  And the other night I was watching a really quirky, fun independent film and I was so hooked on the type of background music that was used.  It got me to thinking…again!

Wouldn’t it be fun to have your own music score to accompany your life?  Think about it.  It could really change your day, or outlook.  Mind you,  only you would be able to hear your own personal score.  All that music being public would be pretty darn noisy.  But anyway, your just walking down the street to your own jazzy, upbeat, fun background music.  Don’t you feel better already?  You have a fantastic idea at work and suddenly, trumpets!  You accidentally trip on the curb, and a silly little uh-oh music.  Funny!  You just can’t seem to get yourself out of bed, and as soon as the sun starts to rise, on cue, the beautiful morning music of flutes and birds singing.  Doesn’t that make you just want to sit up and have a big stretch?

I know this is all very silly, but that’s kind of the point.  Create your own score for your life.  Make it fun.  Make it silly.  Make it happy.  Even some of the most difficult moments can be made a little easier and lighter with the right score, or outlook.  So the next time you’re feeling a little blah, think up some silly, jazzy, cartoonish, music to go along with what you’re doing, and I promise it’ll make you smile:)

  1. Hm, I think I have music going in my mind most of the time! I discovered many years ago that if I thought about the words to the music that surfaced in my head, usually those words were a commentary on what was going on in my life at that moment. Sometimes surprisingly, too. For instance, I might ‘think’ I felt happy, but a melancholy tune/words would surface. If I looked more closely at the situation I could see the music in my head was flagging my attention to some of the more subtle energies I might not have wanted to acknowledge, and vice versa (thinking everything was in ruins but the music in my head was upbeat).

    Having an actual accompaniment all the time might be fun, though. I remember seeing a movie, can’t remember what it was, where this guy had a band (small) that followed him around and played his theme music. It was silly, but fun, too. Perhaps I’ll think on this idea more consciously and hopefully my personal “score” will begin to emerge on a regular basis, helping to buoy me along.

    Great idea!

  2. Thanks for commenting Julee! Very true what you said about the words of a song being a commentary on your frame of mind. I’m always analyzing lyrics in my head, I guess it’s part of the writer in me that has such a connection to words.

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