“Gray Pebble”-a poem

In Uncategorized on August 17, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Gray Pebble”

A tiny gray pebble was given to me

I don’t know the giftor, it is a mystery.

What is it for?  Why was it given?

Not sure what to do

Why does it feel so important?

I examine it’s details as it rests in my hand

Every speck, every crack

I must make a plan.

So I carry this pebble wherever I go

It’s been scraped and dropped,

It’s age starts to show.

I know this gray pebble is important, thought small

It was a mysterious gift, afterall.

How do I make this gray pebble shine,

From the funk of gray to sterling silver in time?

This question is asked by all people, you see,

For the pebble is your life that was given for free

You can toss it away for it seems gray and rough,

Or polish it into a gem, but it’s tough!

The answer for getting that shine is unique,

Yes it’s true

All answers are different, as different as YOU.


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